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Conversion Rate Optimization Best Practices to Improve Conversion

Tarun Gupta | Sep 24th, 2022 | Digital Marketing

Before diving into Conversion rate optimization tips, let's understand what it is. CRO or conversion rate optimization is optimizing a website to increase conversions. With the right CRO process, a company wants to fulfill the following goals:

  • Increase sales
  • Increase paid subscriptions
  • Increase mobile app downloads
  • Increase Tool downloads
  • Increase newsletter sign-ups

Sure Shot Tips to Improve Conversion Rate

Optimizing websites for conversion is a straightforward process that needs consistency and effort. The following are some conversion rate optimization tips that you can use to skyrocket your website conversion.

Add the Site Search On the Website

A good percentage of site visitors interact with the search box on a website. It’s a great add-on that elevates user experience at scale. However, most companies underestimate the advantages of the search box on their websites. And if they have one, they leave it unoptimized. Thus, if you haven’t yet added a site search, it’s the right time to have one.

Adding site search to the website brings some noteworthy benefits. Not only does it improve the user experience on the website but also the data pulled from search results provide actionable insights to understand users’ search intent on the website.

Offer Easy to Fill Query Forms

If users find your website form lengthy and complex, they will avoid filling it. This leads to a considerable spike in form abandonment. It indicates that most of your visitors are not filling out your form. Websites use forms for serving several purposes such as providing newsletter signups, lead magnet acquisition, and product/service inquiries.

When designing a form, make sure it’s simple and has fewer fields. It’s said that a good form has about 5 fields on average. It increases the conversion rate by 10 percent. When creating forms, consider the following:

  • Make form names clear
  • Create proper HTML formatting
  • Use relevant sample placeholder text
  • Have a visible submission button

Improve your CTAs

In your efforts to improve conversion, CTA plays an important role. Several factors directly impact the average CTA click-through rate. A more personalized CTA increases the click-through rate to a great extent.

To improve the efficiency of click-to-action buttons, you should quite often test CTAs to find see what works and what does not. Other things that matter to a call-to-action button are its copy, color, placement, and button size.

Usability Testing

Poor usability leads to a bad user experience. This is the biggest bottleneck that prevents conversion. It’s observed that around 80 percent of online businesses fail to get momentum and record growth due to poor usability.

In the case of eCommerce websites, conversion can be improved just by tweaking the website’s existing design and navigation flow. The analysis will answer if visitors are clicking on your links, visiting CTAs, and so on.

Ad Social Proof on Site

As more people rely on reviews and the social presence of a brand, it’s now more than important to build social proof. User-generated content for your online brand acts as social proof that improves brand trust and enhances exposure. The user-generated content can be of different types such as positive reviews and ratings, social media posts, and other user-submitted content such as comments, videos, and photos.

You can add up more social proof to your website to build more trust. You can send a follow-up email to your clients asking for their honest reviews. You can also host and run contests on social media with branded hashtags.

Add Live Chat

Offering seamless customer support must be a priority for online businesses. Your customers may have queries, concerns, and issues with your products or services and want a quick resolution. Features like Live chats and Chatbots help here.

Chatbots or live chat are automated applications installed on the website that interact with the customers in the absence of human agents. It helps in those situations when support queues get long. Using these tools you can quickly create a brand connection without human interference. There are different ways in which Chatbots can help your visitors:

  • Answering FAQs
  • Qualifying leads
  • Offering product suggestions
  • Increase your email list

Customize Messaging

Customize messaging works well when you create campaigns according to the customer persona. Customer persona helps brands drive leads, shorten the sales cycle and increase conversions. It’s a strategic task to create a customer persona.

To start creating one, prepare a list of your highest-value customers. Add their demographic details such as location, age, budget, education, etc. Moreover, list out the channels they are found on and the type of content they consume.

Make sure that the messaging you create should align your customer personas. When you customize your messaging to connect with the new target audiences, you will see more visitors converting into high-paying customers.

Check Your Site Speed

Like many elements we have discussed so far, your website’s speed also plays an important role in conversion. A website’s conversion rate drops significantly if the website takes time to load. People tend to switch to other websites if your site delays loading.

To find your website’s loading speed, you can use tools like PageSpeed Insights and Pingdom. These tools are great for in-depth testing and troubleshooting. Improved site loading elevates the user experience which eventually translates into a higher conversion rate.

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