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Content Marketing for eCommerce Websites: Strategy for 2021

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ecommerce content marketing strategies

Content marketing is a sure shot way to improve visibility of your ecommerce website. It’s estimated that massive percentage of marketers relies on content marketing to boost their ecommerce presence. If experts are to be believed content marketing can offer three fold ROI as compared to other marketing methods especially paid search.

Unfortunately most of the ecommerce providers underestimate the power of content marketing. This drastically affects the business potential revenue generation opportunities.

Ecommerce Content Marketing Strategies for 2021

In this blog post I have come up with a few pertinent steps to amplify your ecommerce content marketing strategy:

Experiment Popular Content Formats:

Ecommerce content is said to be successful if it manages to drive user engagement at scale. Thus, you have to create content having in mind interest and consumption behavior. It’s always a better idea to create different content formats to cater to user’s needs. There is multitude of content formats that ecommerce websites can use to grow user engagement.

Blog posts:

Blogs have always been the best medium to create engagement. They can contribute to 70% of the leads that you generate for your website using multiple mediums. To get more eyeballs on your blogs keep producing relevant, engaging, and informative blog posts on regular basis.


Videos content can unarguably generate more traction than text based content. Thus switch to video focused content to generate more traction. Along with a text blog create a video for that blog with proper transcripts.


Infographic is another important visual element that significantly improves blog engagement. Readers tend to share blogs with images more than any other content format. Infographic is a text-image combo capable of receiving more views than text only blog.

Create Niche Focused Blog:

Blogs generate maximum engagement. It goes even further if you target customers using niche blog topics. Niche focused blogs turn your content repository a valuable resource for a niche topic. By applying this strategy you can create engaging and useful content that’s relevant to your audience. This is how eCommerce websites can drive massive visitor traffic to their website.

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Improve Site Speed and UX:

Google considers site speed an important ranking signal. If you have lately experienced drop in your organic ranking, poor site speed may be behind this. If you’re finding ways to move your organic rankings up, focus on increasing your site speed.

Google is going to roll out Google page experience algorithm in May 2021. It will consider UX and site speed as eminent ranking factors. To improve page speed of your website, you should create AMP versions of your content that loads faster and reduces page load time of your website.

Focus on More User Generated Content:

User generated content (UGC) is extremely helpful in creating buzz for your ecommerce website. It’s estimated that UGC is more appealing as compared to brand content. You can engage users using UGC in different ways. Ask them to share their experience with your brand on your social media brand page.

Request your audience to post a selfies with your product with appropriate hashtags. It will make your product more visible to the outer world and help you gain more interested audience on board. Major brands are now using UGC as an important element in their ecommerce content strategy.

Create Country Specific Blog Content:

If you are selling products to international buyers, a new approach to content marketing will be imminent. A country specific content marketing strategy in this case can be a game changer. Buyer intent tends to change from country to country.

You can adopt a few techniques to create country specific blog-content. Produce content that’s locally relevant to your audience. If possible choose authors who can write in native language. Promote products that are local to the vicinity and connect with local influencers to intensify reach.

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Plan Social Media Content:

It’s estimated that ecommerce content promoted through social media platforms contribute to 40% more sales as compared to any other promotion method. Most engaging content formats that gain maximum traction on social media are infographic, images, and videos.

If you go ahead with a well-thought social media content strategy, you can easily your social media followers into paying consumers. There are different shot social media content marketing strategies that you can use to boost your ecommerce venture.

Run Facebook ad campaigns to target customers who visited your website, browsed inventory or added few items to their cart. It helps you to get your visitors back and fuel conversion. You can also use Facebook’s ‘shop’ button to let buyers purchase products and your brand merchandise directly from your brand’s Facebook page.

Shoppable Posts on Instagram may be a great option to get more customers for your product. Shoppable Instagram posts are a way to present your products within the Instagram ecosystem. You can use the feature to tag the products shown in your images.

Instagram’s IGTV is a solid way to promote your products using interactive videos. The feature lets you create videos that are up to an hour-long. Your viewers can tap items shown in the video and complete their purchase right from Instagram.


If you’re running an ecommerce business use content marketing to scale your business presence. No other marketing method can generate much ROI compared to content marketing. The steps above will surely help you to enhance your existing ecommerce strategy and grow traffic, ranking and revenue.

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