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The world of e-learning has been revolutionized at a greater extent with the invasion of CBT animation. Now e-learning is widening its space and initiating communication through various modes such as text, multimedia, color, graphics and animation etc. Being one of the leading service providers of Flash animation and flash website designing, we have introduce our Computer Based Tutorials are designed to serve various purposes of educational Institutions, big Corporate Houses collectively with Small & Medium sized companies.

Varied Range Of Tutorial :

At BrainPulse, we provide comprehensive and detailed CBT modules in a number of user friendly formats. These formats include:

  • Multimedia Tutorial
  • Corporate Tutorial
  • Dynamic Tutorial
  • Interactive tutorial
  • CD Tutorial

Services We Offer:

To ensure best available CBT in the most comprehensive manner, we entertain a comprehensive range of services to the global learners. We perform a number of services under the CBT umbrella. These services include :

  • Design and deploy creative interfaces
  • Integrate animation with video footage and other special effects
  • All our animation is edited uncompressed for maximum quality
  • Creating animation for distribution on the Internet or DVD
  • Conversion of any standard content formats to SCORM compliant content
  • Answer efficiently all the growing training requirements

At BrainPulse, you get to enjoy all below mentioned facilities and much more to make your learning process more easy and convenient.

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