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Comprehensive Guide To Negative SEO

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Negative SEO

The inception of Google's recent Penguin and Panda algorithms done a lot better to the SEO spectrum but alongside offered webmasters a solid trick to play havoc with competitors' websites. Let me explain it to you in brief. Penguin talks tough on spamming or unethical link building practices and terms it a clear violation of Google guidelines. If a website relies on crappy links and link farms to gain quick rankings in SERPs, Google penalizes it with the severe downfall in ranking and traffic. This is where an idea of Negative SEO walked in the mind of the webmasters. If bad links harm my website why can't I do the same to my nearest competitor. This led to the advent of one of the most controversial practices in the SEO regime called Negative SEO.

Why Negative SEO Arrived At The SEO Stage

Although the negative SEO was a term to think about earlier in the SEO Service spectrum but now it hits the mainstream with a bang. As I have already mentioned that negative SEO practices are performed to blow website rankings down and putting a detrimental impact on its status in Google, listed below are a few real time examples where negative SEO plays a significant role.

To Kill Your Competitors' Ranking:

Needn't to say that killing your competitors' website simply means escalating your position in SERPs. In technical terms, this is also called SERP Bubbling. Webmasters perform bubbling parallel to the standard SEO practice. This helps to play down the competitors' ranking and improves your. The credibility and relevance of the practice can be argued but its impact is certainly not.

To Manage Your Reputation:

There are hundreds of the cases when people or businesses are maligned over the web using negative mentions or derogatory revelations by the rivals. Although a mechanism called Search Engine Reputation Management is already there, yet there are good count of instances available where negative SEO has done to downgrade the rankings of the website(s) where these content are posted.

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Targeted Website Attack:

This is another ideal case where tobacco and cigarette manufacturers targeted online electronic cigarette websites to downgrade their position as they had become serious threat for their business.

Activities That Negative SEO Comprises:

Although trying hard to get the place yet in SEO domain, it is being used by the webmasters in Google SEO services domain in a number of ways. These illustrated pointers will ponder an idea how it works.

Google Bowling:

This is quite an effective process where you force Google to believe that your nearest competitor is playing spammy tactics to achieve search positions. You have two ways to do this. The first method is to add badlinks to the site that are secured from bad neighborhoods,link farms and automatically generated spammy pages. This lead to trigger a spam alert and serious impact on the website ranking. Another way to perform Google bowling is to create hundreds of links with different competitor site URLs but using same content. Now post these links across various platforms and request Google to take the notice of the same.


Tattling is an innovative negative SEO trick where webmasters notify Google that a particular website defies the established Google guidelines. It may also be done by placing a complaint to Google against any sort of copyright infringement on a particular website.

Using The False Content:

This can be done by creating a website and placing the same content that your competitor site has. But make sure that the new content to the site indexed by the search engine before your competitor. For an instance, if your nearest competitor changes their service page, you change your service page with same content and meta tag and submit the sitemap before his submission. The magic starts here. When crawler comes to index, it finds your page first in the race and other page is sheer duplicate. This will quite difficult for your competitor to face.

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Click Fraud Methods:

This is another negative SEO tactic to kill a website's ranking. If your very next competitor has Adwords running for the site, you can abruptly click on their adverts to consume their budget and drastically impact their number of genuine visitors. There are already have established instances that it affects the search rankings at a serious note.

How To Protect Your Site Against Negative SEO

Sudden drop in your traffic, backlink and ranking of your website are clear indicators to show that your site is hit by negative SEO. Illustrated below are certain steps that providers of Google Penalty Recovery Services follow to overcome the wrath of this menace.

  • Subscribe Google/Bing notifications in respective webmaster tools for instant notification of any change occurred in the website ranking status.
  • If any malware is behind the debacle, take the site backup and launch the site again.
  • Check your website thoroughly to trace and potentially damaging element on the site in the form of text, images and links.
  • Badlink removal with Disavow can be very useful in removing potentially harmful links.
  • If you have already been penalized use reconsideration requests without delay.

The negative SEO impacts every site considerably however the websites that rule the web with its reputation and worth are hardly hit by it. Amazon and eBay are one among those website reportedly had not impacted by the negative SEO although tried by the webmasters at a number of occasions.

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