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Choose A Cloud Server Wisely

Tarun Gupta | Sep 4th, 2013 | Web Hosting Resources

Businesses irrespective of their strength and size have started adopting the cloud environment due to the numerous benefits it does offer to them. In a recent survey to measure the cloud reach, Microsoft has established that approximately 50% of the total small business will be the part of this Cloud Hosting revolution in next three to four years. Although the functionality of both private and public clouds is almost same, yet you need to be careful as your crucial information and employee data is being open to the third-party service providers. There is no debate on the point if I am saying that cloud gives a better cost-advantage to the businesses but there are still some concerns you need to clarify with your service provider.


Points To Ponder Before Subscribing A Cloud Server

If you have already decided to go with the cloud environment, I am stating below certain points that you may escalate to your service provider before signing the final deal. Lets us take it in an order.

Magnitude Of Data Transfer:

Alike other networks, data traversal in cloud environment does happen using the internet. This may as usual open lid to vulnerability and security threats. That is why you need to confirm from your cloud provider about the security mechanism set in the place to ensure the data safety. Whether or not the service provider running the data using safe and secure data transmission channel. In most of the cases service providers arrange standard industry protocols to safeguard data.

Security Of Software Interface:

There are a number of software interfaces and APIs you use while running a cloud service. All these interfaces are prone to the vulnerabilities in terms of data integrity and reliability.It is always a better idea to check the inclusions of interface security measures in Service Level Agreement documents. You may quiz your service provider about authentication and access control techniques available to secure various APIs used.

Data Security Concerns:

It is very important to give a serious thought to the data security if your information is hosted on provider's server. It is quite true that most of the Data Center Service providers ensure considerable safety terms for the data distributed on the cloud platform. However, since you have invested a good amount of money on subscribing the service, ask potential cloud providers how they ensure the data security on their servers while used and accessed by other third party cloud-based applications. You may also quiz the process of disposal of the same data.

User Access Control:

When you host your cloud services to a provider or a Web Hosting Company, employees of that organization may access the data and you can't control it. That is why I will suggest you to discuss role access and user access control policies with your service provider. Consider the sensitivity and confidentiality of data you allow the access for. Request your hosting service provider to give you details about the people who are authorized to access the data. It will help you to consult the individual particularly in case of breach or threat.


These are probably some prominent security issues that I have escalated here. This doesn't mean that story ends here. In further readings you will get more inputs about cloud environment and its mechanism.

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