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5 Things To Consider While Buying Datacenter Colocation Facility

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Though, having your own data center or colocation space should always be your first preference, investment crunch may force you to think otherwise. You may rent someone else's data center for locating your servers but not without proper planning, as you're housing your core infrastructure with someone else.

Factors To Consider While Purchasing A Datacenter Colocation Facility

So, before zeroing on a choice of colocation solution, there are certain factors you must consider. The points I have escalated here aren't the hard and fast one, but they certainly make the difference.


Place related factors should be considered first. Choose a place that's easily reachable from your physical location. In case, if infrastructure goes down or a quick maintenance is required, all you need to reach the place in time. How the place is prone to the disasters like earthquakes, tornadoes, floods and hurricanes, is another key aspect to inquire about. Though, data centers keep in place all the necessary arrangements to make the place safe, being more conscious on occasions is indeed good. A well-equipped data center infrastructure should have plenty of power available and lots of fiber paths going to and from the building.


Scalability means flexibility of offerings and ability of expansion that the provider carries with the service. You always want to associate with a colocation service provider who meets all your infrastructure and resource demands. Some service providers offer standard set of data center solutions while others deal with custom offerings. This is up to you which one you really prefer. I'll suggest you to rely on one who promises at least good level of flexibility options for seamless integration to match your expansion plans. Keep asking how they manage additional space, power and connectivity requirements. It'll be suicidal to go with one who can't scale with you overtime.


Reliability is another key issue to debate while choosing colocation space. Usually, in web hosting reliability is measured as uptime. A trusted service provider should have uptime of about 99.999%. Other things that matter being the reliability issues are staff certifications, customer feedback, and on-site support.

Deployment Efficiency:

Ask the provider how fast he can set up and run your infrastructure at his facility. Deployment efficiency deals with the speed and accuracy provider delivers while offering a new cross connect or additional rack space in the future for colocation cages. Like your competitors, you'll also be wanting new space set up as quickly and efficiently as possible. Though, measuring or quantify deployment efficiency is difficult, potential vendors should clearly communicate their timeliness to you.

Financial Stability:

Of course, finances do matter irrespective of the business you are in. While checking in to the facility of other hosting service provider for your needs, check his financial stability deeply. You can't afford renting colocation space at a data center that winds up operations within a few years. While arranging the deal with the company, check through the company's financial stability.

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Chris Ronald Says:

You ought to additionally consider the size of your association and its prerequisites and also your potential significance to the supplier as a client.

Kevin Woods Says:

I think the important offerings thing to every colocation is security, facility management and carrier access. These required items can make or break the experience.

Gary Brich Says:

Talk to your supplier and ask what kind of counseling services and support they may offer your business and what they charge for those services.