Tarun Gupta

BrainPulse’s Project Management System Becomes More Robust

Post By Tarun Gupta Post User Last Updated: Mar 2nd, 2012 category Latest News

In order to turn the project handling withing the premises more precise and manageable, BrainPulse adds more utilities to its existing Project Management System, PMS. PMS has every attribute and utility that turns highly useful from project start to its final delivery. Being a perfect blend of several project components, the module offers several user authorities and administrative roles throughout.

Starts with project planning, it extends its vision to project analysis, development, installation and final maintenance. It moves ahead with a comprehensive Timeline to ensure completion in given time frame. The incredible user interface of PMS is another great thing to think about. Entire management system is divided in different tabs engaged together to offer a comprehensive look to the module. BrainPulse is looking forward to make PMS more robust to let the organizations benefit from it in times to come.

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