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BrainPulse to Organize its SEO Workshop Successfully

Post By Tarun Gupta Post User Last Updated: Aug 7th, 2010 category Latest News

BrainPulse is organizing an SEO & Internet Marketing Workshop for online sales and marketing executives, digital marketing professionals, Web Managers and zealous entrepreneurs.

Continuing with the determination of educating more and more people about the latest trends and strategies of SEO and online marketing, BrainPulse is pleased to announce its SEO and Internet Marketing workshop on Aug 21. 2010. Aimed at online sales and marketing executives, web managers, digital marketing professionals, & enthusiastic entrepreneurs, the workshops aims to offer its participants the opportunity of exploring and understanding the present functioning of search engine optimizations and Internet Marketing.

In the workshop, you will learn about the

  • Best techniques and Search Engine Optimization concepts.
  • Myths and misconceptions related to SEO.
  • Current trends of optimization of digital assets for search as well as additional content on link building and SEO checklists

Opening a ocean of possibilities that exists in the domain of SEO & IM, the workshop leverages its participants to harness the power of online marketing services, individually and professionally. Individuals planning to take SEO and Internet Marketing as their career must be a part of this workshop.

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