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BrainPulse Launches Monks

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BrainPulse Technologies makes another contribution to the online industry, with its proud launch of Monks, a reputed Digital Marketing Training institute. Monks is an outstanding attempt that the company has taken to provide quality education through its four major professional courses in search engine optimization, internet marketing, pay per click advertising and corporate SEO. Through Monks, we wish to help our students and their business grow bigger and better through improved digital marketing practices.

Enroll to a Professional Course

Instead of jumbling you with pure science, we educate you through practical learning about contemporary developments in the digital world to demystify the complex world of Internet Marketing. At present, we are offering four Online SEO and Internet Marketing Training Programs to our students, out of which, they can get enrolled in any, as per their area of expertise:

  • Professional SEO Experts
  • Advanced Internet Marketing
  • Pay Per Click Advertising Program
  • Corporate SEO Training

Become a Certified Professional

Each course has been developed after sincere research and practical experience of our faculty. On successfully completing the course, students are given certificate to manifest their knowledge and expertise in the specialized field. The certificate adds to your credit remarkably and help you cast your entry easily into the professional world.

Imparting Diversified Learning Experience

Our faculty is aboard of some of the most reputed digital marketing experts of the industry. Every member is actively practicing in his or her own respective discipline and hence, is in complete touch with the latest trends. Their experience and profound knowledge help our students learn, absorb and implement advanced SEO and Internet marketing techniques in various ways, expanding their professional opportunities. We also hold guest lectures in order to expand and diversify the ultimate learning experience of our students. It sincerely arms them for the highly competitive and challenging professional world.

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