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BrainPulse Introduces Monthly Incentive Plans

Post By Tarun Gupta Post User Last Updated: Mar 3rd, 2012 category Latest News

BrainPulse understands the gravity of business success and its core dependency on professional commitments inside the premises.To salute the dedication and commitment of those BrainPulse's family members who love challenges, Management decides to launch a monthly incentive plan. It's our stronger belief that incentive is not a term defined with Cash Rewards, Mementos and Holiday Trips but a commendable way to say employees that they have accomplished more than expected.

Management believes that only a competitive environment can open the doors for professional improvements and business milestones.This is why reward points have put in place. Management says that incentives will be decided on the end of every month based on several criterion. These criterion include Work Place Discipline, Punctuality and Accomplished Assignments. Name of the winners will be displayed on the reception area. The notification for the same will be released soon.

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