Tarun Gupta

BrainPulse Continues to Earn More and More ‘Likes’ on Facebook

Post By Tarun Gupta Post User Last Updated: Feb 29th, 2012 category Latest News

BrainPulse is happy to cross over 3500 Likes on its Facebook Page In a very short period of time. The company takes pride in the fact that more and more people are taking the initiative of showing their appreciation for it. Also, it further bolsters our commitment and determination to work hard for our new as well as already existing clients.

BrainPulse has created this Page in order to measure its real standing in the market and hence, the count has been gained without the help of any special techniques, tools and marketing plans. The increasing count shows the enthusiasm of numerous people who wish to get associated with the IM leader of the industry.

It is definitely an achievement for the firm. Without using any tactics and special techniques, the company has gained this handsome count of Facebook Likes on our Page. For employees who are working hard day in and day out to give their clients anticipated results, the appreciation, in any form, is pleasing. However, with great pleasure, it also imbibes us a sense of responsibility to keep performing extraordinarily.

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