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Instagram Marketing Best Practices In 2020

Tarun Gupta | Sep 11th, 2020 | Social Media Marketing Resources
Best Instagram Practice 2020

These days, almost 3/4th of the population owns the smartphone, and most of them are using social media sites. Among the highly used social media sites, Instagram is serving at the top list with 800 million users. In this medium, the users will be able to update the photos, videos, and can do like, comment and share on their wall.

It is now becoming more popular for business people as well. As you find more people engaging on this platform, you will be able to present the product or service and reach them with ease. Here are some of the best practices you need to follow for successful Instagram marketing in 2020.

Instagram Marketing Best Practices to Follow In 2020

1. Follow regular posting

Posting the right content at the right time is the best strategy when it comes to success in the Instagram platform.  Also, you need to understand the interest of your Instagram followers and the time they visit the medium. As per the survey, there is more engagement in the weekdays when compared to the weekends. Instead of posting 5 to 10 pictures together, you need to be updated with a regular quantity of images every day.

2. Make your brand display interesting

Another key to success is to keep your audience engaged in a different manner. There are thousands of such business posts in the medium. Not all the posts will gain the attention of the audience. When you need to be unique on the platform, you should work more to reach the audience. Ensure your post is visually compiling. Remember that around 200 million Instagram users are visiting the business profile per day, and you should work on the post to gain as many users as possible.

3. Use trending hashtags

You should consider the trending hashtags in your post. These are the hashtags that people use in their lives regularly.  You can take advantage of these hashtags and posting relevant for your post. If you are considering this strategy, you need to use the right brands that are relevant to the business. If you are working with the irrelevant post or hashtags, it may be annoying to the users, and it will end up losing the followers.

4. Interact with the followers

One of the biggest advantages with any social media platforms is that it provides a great opportunity for interacting with the audience.  The users can comment, like or share the post.  If they comment, you should not fail to answer them despite a positive or negative comment. Here, you can also analyze the mindset of the audience concerning their interest with the product or service.


5. Make use of stories in the Instagram

Instagram stories are breaking the internet these days. Most Instagram users are visiting the story section. So, this becomes one of the beneficial ways to engage the prospects. As per the survey, 62% of the people say that they are interested in the brand, and the product just because of knowing about it from the stories. 500 million people use the Instagram stories every day, and you need to be careful knowing the time of posting the stories.

6. Be careful with captions and visuals

Another way to become popular in the medium is that by using the graphics and well-written captions in your post. Thousands of images will scroll when an individual is scrolling the Instagram post.  When you need to stop them looking at your post, you need to make the images based on that. To garner the attention of the prospect, a compelling caption will help in pulling the attention. Further, visually stunning images will lead to win-win results.

7. Have data-driven decisions

To know where you stand in the crowd has a serious payoff for the social media strategy in Instagram marketing. You need to look for certain things like tracking the performance of the post, tracking the comments and hashtags in the usage, finding the influencers and reporting across the different profiles

8. Monitoring the trends in Instagram

You should have a clear idea on the analytics and what are the elements that you are working for. Over time, you will be able to build the scope for the data and track the performance of it. This is more crucial when your audience is engaging with your content on Instagram. Avoid relying on the likes and followers, but get into the technical analysis for enjoying the complete benefits of Instagram marketing.

9. Have a strong call to action

Most business men and the marketers fail to include the call to action in their post, which is a huge mistake. As the CTA tells your followers to visit the website or place the order to encourage them to take some action over the post. There are many ways where you make a clear and engaging call to action. Your aim should make them click on the post and move to the next step towards your business. Remember to work with lots of options like hashtags, brand awareness, and several others to enhance the number of potential customers to your business.

Get Started

There are so many online platforms for marketing your business.  If you have chosen Instagram, it is the best choice. However, success is purely depending on how you handle the strategy and your input in Instagram marketing. So, these are some of the must-know practices that you need to follow as per the Instagram business trends in 2020. Follow it effectively and gain more out of it.

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