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Streamline Your Influencer Strategy: Essential Tools

Tarun Gupta | Oct 10th, 2022 | Digital Marketing

Brands and enterprises are now using influencer marketing to broaden their reach and engage their customer base. They contact mini and micro-influencers who have an impressive follower base to promote their products or services via their social media profiles.

An influencer helps to convey your message to your potential customers. He or she enjoys solid rapport and authority among the followers. Their followers listen to them and act upon their recommendations. Prospective buyers are more likely to buy when an influencer endorses a product.

Influencer marketing is a comprehensive term that looks into monitoring and managing brand influencers. The success of a marketing campaign depends upon finding the right social media influencer and creating a well-thought social media marketing strategy.

It’s a critical task to manage influencers without using the right influencer marketing tool. Such tools can help you identify suitable influencers who can deliver your message to the right audience.

In this blog post, I have covered the best influencer marketing tools that brands can use to scale their influencer marketing programs.

Before diving to know which are the best tools to manage and monitor influencer marketing campaigns, let’s understand how using them benefits brands in the first place.

An influencer marketing tool helps brands discover the right influencers faster and manage them more efficiently. Most tools are automated, thus they cut time spent on campaign reporting and other tasks.

With the help of the right influencer marketing tool, you can understand the ROI of your campaigns and make necessary changes.

Now we will briefly look into some popular influencer marketing tools that brands are using in 2022.


BuzzSumo is an all-in-one platform that combines content-sharing analytics and influencer analytics.

Content sharing analytics, as the name suggests, tells you about your trending content around a certain topic and identifies who shared it. Influencer analytics helps to find influencers based on keywords and hashtags.

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BuzzSumo is a powerful analytics tool for content marketers. It offers insights into performing content and influencers who can amplify this content further. The tool features a filter that you can use to search by types, such as bloggers, companies, and journalists.


If you have just begun with influencer marketing, you can use Kred. The tool is the best choice for entry-level marketers that provides important insights into influencer metrics such as mentions, retweets, replies and follows on Twitter. Along with this, Kred’s ‘Outreach Score’ feature tells how often an influencer retweets and replies.


Trend.io is an influencer marketplace where brands and agencies place their projects and influencers can apply for those projects. The tool connects influencers and brands. This way it helps brands to find the right influencer and influencers to find the right brand to work with. The platform is free to join.


TweetDeck is a social media management tool. However, it has some extra functionalities for influencer marketing. You can use Twitter search operators to search for subjects or events and see who the influencers are talking about. You can also build a list of influencers and segment it to find what they are saying.


Klear helps to find and connect popular influencers within your network. The platform filters the creators based on their statuses such as celebrities, power users, casual users, and novices.

Klear comes packed with a range of important demographic features that enable marketers to identify the right target audience who could be interested in what’s being offered. When demographic data is aligned with the target audience, the message is conveyed more effectively.

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Followerwonk is a unique tool that allows users to search for relevant and related keywords in Twitter user bios. It helps to discover and sort influencers with the highest reach and individual authority.

The tool offers both free and paid versions with respective features. Followerwonk’s free version provides an analytics feature that allows users and marketers to compare the followers of up to three different Twitter accounts.


Upfluence provides an innovative influencer marketing platform for e-commerce and social commerce ventures. The platform features over three million noted influencer brands you can choose from based on their industry and expertise. Upfluence is a solid influencer discovery tool that you can use to find influencers from the industry.

Brandwatch Influence

Brandwatch Influence is a very effective influencer marketing platform. It reduces time spent on manual influencer research, tracking, and reporting.

The platform even lets you search influencers based on their followers, engagements, and audience demographics. You can also filter content creators based on country, language, keywords, and more.

The platform offers several built-in tools for marketers to manage influencers effectively. These tools help in onboarding, contract management, correspondence, contact, and payment.


Manually running an influencer marketing campaign needs resources, time, and effort. It would always be better to use automated influencer marketing tools to monitor and manage your influencer campaigns. Such tools can help you build smart campaigns and make data-driven decisions to amplify campaign performance.

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