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AJAX: Most Developed Web Development

Tarun Gupta | May 20th, 2009 | Web Development

The most developed attribute of AJAX Development are its superb speed, invisibility and scalability. Considering the adage that time is money, this web development let companies save a good amount of money by through instant loading of page and improved efficiency in the user interface offer a good reason for real cost savings.

AJAX is a bundle of several technologies, each being prosperous in its own way, joining together in commanding new ways. It largely incorporates standards-based presentation using XHTML and CSS, dynamic display and interaction using the Document Object Model, data interchange and manipulation using XML and XSLT, asynchronous data retrieval using XMLHttpReques and JavaScript.

AJAX: Featuring Best Attributes: The brand technology of AJAX development is built on the foundation of JavaScript. The JavaScript code facilitates it to execute to the point that with almost no discernible delay with the user interface, making user’s experience far more delightful.

If your applications can plainly update the piece of the page that requires to be updated then it can resolve the post back issue in no time. With AJAX, web applications can execute partial page updating, and thus, a far more reactive page refresh method can be created. Moreover, even if in case your web application developer is cautious about the designing of the pages, the deal is easy as there is no detectable refresh delay.

AJAX can save bandwidth: Quite an amount of needless information is delivered in the case of typical web applications, especially if pages are coded in very conventional HTML loaded with tags. With such sites the amount of structuring and presentation score needed is as huge as that required for serving up the textual content of the page. On the contrary, with AJAX design pattern, downloading page layout and structuring items is just one time task, and then new data can get updated as and when required. All this terrifically reduces the application's bandwidth footprint per user session.

Utilization of AJAX Application: Google’s investment in developing the Ajax approach is incredible. All of the major Google’s products like Orkut, Gmail, and the latest beta version of Google Groups, Google Suggest, and Google Maps - are AJAX applications. A few others in the league are Flickr and Amazon's A9.com. Technically sound and practically apt for real-world applications, AJAX applications are much more than the plain laboratory-use web applications.

AJAX is now supported by all leading browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, Netscape, Opera and Safari. Moreover, efforts are also being made in the direction of standardization of XML HTllJ, the core component of AJAX development.

Along with quicker interaction through live data, a great deal of network load can be shredded off by working on targeted information updates, or micro-updates. The total number of bytes transferred, total download time and steps/seconds to complete a task will decide the degree of benefits. And what comes as the most exciting part about AJAX development is the fact that now, fortunately it is no more limited to the big names like Google Maps and Salesforce.com and also making it way through many other small and large companies. Its quick adoption indicates a swing in the way enterprises will build and deliver future Web applications.

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