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AdWords App For Android Platform Gets New Updates

Post By Tarun Gupta Post User Last Updated: Aug 7th, 2015 category Pay Per Click

In March, Google rolled out the Google AdWords app for android mobile users enabling them managing their campaigns on the go. So far, millions of users across over 200 countries have installed the app and used. Eve since its launched, the app received great reviews.

For marketers, the AdWords mobile app has quickly proved itself as a valuable tool to help them stay on top of their ad campaigns. The app includes most sought after features like editing campaign status and making bid adjustments that help manage performance within seconds. The app also has some amazing and useful features like real-time notifications and updates.

Now, the app is updated with some new features. The latest features are included after several suggestions received from the AdWords app users who wanted more visibility into ad performance. The new features added are:

  • A new billing summary
  • Additional columns
  • Updates to your performance tables

A new feature billing summary would help to manage payment options, and provide an easy-to-see dashboard of billing and payment information. Using the feature, you can now view payment history, add and update your payment method (add a new card, set up a backup card, or edit an expiration date), and edit your billing profile from your Android smartphone.

With this update, the app will also have additional columns for conversions, impression share and campaigns. Columns can can be added to your performance tables for quick optimizations on the go. Now, you can monitor your keywords’ conversion metrics and adjust bids in a few taps.

Besides, the performance tables for your campaigns, ad groups, keywords and ads let you horizontally scroll through more columns to see insights about your performance.

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Lokesh Bravo Says:

That’s so great, new features will help us to manage our adword account via mobile app. Addition columns will tell us how we can monitor our campaign performance.. Thanks Google !

Gary Brich Says:

This app Will make my employment simpler. Haven’t utilized that much yet, but for some functions, this app may be my go to over desktop.