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7 New AdWords Features Coming Soon To Its New UI

Tarun Gupta | Jul 21st, 2017 | Digital Marketing Resources

The new and advanced AdWords interface is live for sometime, and marketers are now using New AdWords Features quite comfortably. The new interface has been rolling out to the advertisers gradually, and will be available to every one by the year end. The advertisers who have access to both the new and older versions can navigate back and forth between the two.

7 Upcoming and New AdWords Features:

It might take some time for advertisers to getting familiar with the new interface and layout. But the new features introduced would give advertisers an added advantage.

Here's a quick walk-through of what are the new exclusive features currently available in the new user interface:

1. Promotion Extensions:

If advertisers don't have beta access in the existing or older interface, they can only access the the new promotion extension via the newly introduced UI. These promotion extensions enable advertisers to show and link to specific offers in text ads.

2. Household income targeting in search:

The feature dubbed Household income reporting and targeting is now available for search campaigns from the demographics tab in the new interface. In the older version, the feature could be applied only through location targeting. Now, advertisers can set the bid adjustments at the campaign or ad group level.

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3. Audiences page:

With the new Audience page, advertisers can now manage their audience targeting and optimization. The feature brings mew terminology for audience targeting in AdWords. Now 'target and bid' will be called 'Targeting' and 'Target' will be known as 'Observations.'


4. Landing Page Performance:

This feature is set to be launched soon. Once live, it will give advertisers access to various landing page insights at one place. Looks similar to the ads and keywords pages in terms of layout, the motive behind this is to help advertisers optimize for better user experiences and improve ad performance, particularly on mobile devices.

5. Custom in-market audiences :

Another important feature coming soon to the new AdWords UI is in-Market audience. Advertisers can customize the feature based parameters like advertiser's website, campaign performance and different business goals. Expect this feature by year end.

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6. Google Attribution:

If speculations are true, Google may introduce a mega product 'Google Attribution' from Google Marketing Next. The new free attribution product will be integrated into the new AdWords interface before year-end.

7. Store sales measurement uploads:

The feature tends to be a helping hand to retailers that capture loyalty program emails at the point of sale. They can now can import store transactions into AdWords directly or through a third party. We are expecting these New AdWords Features as well in new AdWords UI at some point this year.

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