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7 Ecommerce Trends For 2016 That Might Transform Online Shopping

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ecommerce trends 2016

A week back, ecommerce giants Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon marked this festive season with their sale bonanzas online that fetched huge crowd and transactions worth thousands of crore within a week. Craze for online shopping has evolved eventually and landed to mobile era from desktop, thanks to the mobile revolution and internet connectivity in remote areas and suburbs.

I have been keen to looking at development and delivery of game changing ecommerce solutions since long and witnessed the gradual shift into the ecommerce paradigm. From buying a pair of shocks through a desktop website to grabbing an iphone via a mobile app, a lot has been changed. Let the new year come, and the transition will be even rock solid with new ecommerce trends on the way. Here are the ecommerce trends for 2016 that I assume important for marketers.

Emerging Ecommerce Trends Forecast For 2016

I am sharing with you a few emerging changes in the world of ecommerce, that I have shortlisted. They could transform the way e-retailers do the business and buyers shop.

1 - More players in race, more choices to make

Talk about any business, say online or offline, customers are the king. Strategies are formed around them and campaigns are run to get them in. A few month down the line from now, I will be expecting more power to the buyers with more and more players joining ecommerce bandwagon. Letting the shoppers compare the products and prices at one place, has made the game even fiercely competitive. One who will offer the lowest price and better savings, would be the winner.

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2- Global shopping would be a reality

A couple of months back I visited an UK based online shopping portal to buy a gaming console I really liked. Unfortunately, they refused to ship at Indian destinations and made my purchase null and void. But, now I am seeing these online merchants allowing transactions from out side their native place, they are located at. As e-merchants like Amazon and eBay have started catering to the overseas consumers, I am hoping it would influence more buyers to go for online shopping.

3 - Domestic merchants would cover large population

What rattles most of us is that our relatives and loved once couldn't receive a gift we send through an online store just because their locations are not covered in shipping. Of course it's next to hard for e-retailers to cover every stretch of the country. But, as technology is improving by each passing day, I believe they would cover every single shopper at remote destinations across the country.

4 - More Personalized Marketing Underway

The year 2016 would observe a solid stake on personalized marketing. Merchants would invest huge on tapping the big data to understand consumer insights. It will help them follow up their customers with personalized products and offers for a highly innovative shopping experience. This isn't a new thing at all as most of the vendors are already into it; all that I am seeing in 2016 is a more coherent and strategic evaluation of customer data.

5 - Personalized delivery would be a thing, may be

Haven't you got the news how a customer fell into surprise when he saw Flipkart CEO himself delivered an item ordered? The major takeaway from this instance is that merchants are ready to go at any extent to make buyers feel special and honored. I don't really mean that CEOs are going to be the delivery boys, but they would mix and socialize with buyers in 2016 in their own ways.

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6 - Shopping via mobile will grow up, obviously

As I have told you in the very beginning of the blog, growing mobile phone population has already connected buyers with online shopping websites. They are more interested in having hassle buying experience using their Smartphones or tablets. Mobile apps have added fuel to the frenzy as more and more merchants went in app-only mode to tap the mobile ecommerce potential. Believe me, the merchants not capable of operating well on mobile device will fail to get more business, customer and revenue.

7 - Video marketing will become the trendsetter

Videos have been a core component of digital marketing, and marketers likely to continue their video marketing efforts to gain buyers and conversion in 2016 as well. We are already familiar to marketing service and promotional videos via video streaming channels YouTube and Vimeo, and that trend would continue to grow. However, I am expecting tactical changes in the way of video promotion by the digital marketers.

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