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5 Ways to Boost Your Organic SEO to Improve Ranking

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Organic SEO Traffic

Nothing beats search being the best source organic traffic on content best websites. Data reveals that organic search resulted in 34.8 percent of site visits in 2017, compared to 25.6 percent from social.

A research conducted by Moz suggests that organic search can easily generate 20% more clicks than paid search.

That means– SEO is crucial and eminent for your brand success.

In this article, will elaborate how a budding brand like yours can take advantage of organic search to boost ranking and CTR.

Increase Organic Traffic and Ranking: 5 Sure Shot Ways

Following are the five essential search engine optimization strategies you can go with to accelerate your organic search traffic.

1. Dive Deeper into Keywords:

Success and failure of SEO essentially depends upon the keywords you choose to create a topic. That is why I recommend a great amount of keyword research to identify the words that rightly represent your business. Those are the keywords that your potential customers are actually using to find your business online.

For that purpose, Google Keyword Research tool is the best and the most used tool. You may though consider social media channels like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to explore more relevant keywords.

Social media platforms are the places where customers mention your brand using related hashtags and related keywords in their posts. You can correct your SEO strategy around these hashtags and keywords.

In addition to this, you may also utilize long-tail keywords and specific search phrases with modifiers that have high search intent.

2. Focus More on Positive Brand Reviews:

Brand reviews showcase a brand’s credibility. They are considered as a fresh stream of content by search engines. They offer SEO professionals a unique way to build up long-tail keywords with less competition.

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There are multiple ways you can garner authentic brand reviews. And of course, paid reviews would never be one of them. Team Brainpulse and all its SEO consultants simply reject the idea of paid guest posts. They appear vague and unauthentic, and can damage your brand’s reputation.

The best and most convenient ways to get reviews is to ask your customers to leave one. Post-purchase reviews using email can be one of the many ways.

Last, but not the least, make it easier for your customers to leave their reviews. It’s great if it’s a simple one- or two-click process.

3. Give a Try to Visual Marketing:

A customer review with his photograph may throw a right impression on buyers. It can improve checkout percentage by almost 20%. Customers tend to respond more positively to the reviews with the photos of the persons who made them.

Visual marketing add more to the users’ shopping experience as well. Consider a photo gallery where your products are put on display with photos of buyers who recently bought them. It gives shoppers the confidence to spend on your product.

4. Optimize Your Website for Mobile:

As world is going mobile, companies are required to focus more on their mobile customers. This is the pre-requisite for business growth since by 2021, 53.9 percent of all online purchases would be taking place via mobile phones.

For ecommerce websites and online stores, this is now more than mandatory. They need to serve mobile-optimized content shoppers in order to deliver them a better and seamless shopping experience via smartphone.

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On mobile responsive websites, text and images are formatted to load quickly on mobile devices. It’s also important to check the length of your copy and headlines to ensure they accommodate a smaller screen without clutter.

5. Build More Links:

For higher search rankings in SERPs, you need to have high quality authority links pointing to your website. That means, links are an important Google ranking factor. There are ways you can create high authority links for your brand.

Be an influencer and write a comprehensive opinion, review or a blog post for other websites in the same niche. Add a short bio with a link to your company’s website.

You may put your content writers / bloggers to write guest blogs on other blogs. You may also go for reciprocal link building to exchange backlinks. But it should be done within the purview of Google’s link building guidelines.

To get better rankings in local search, you can list your business website on Yelp and Google My Business. They offer free listing service on their platform.

Put all your best efforts to earn backlinks. But make sure they are from authority websites from relevant niche. Remember, fewer high-quality links are better than thousands of spammy link.

End Note:

What it all signifies?

It indicates that being in SEO you don’t necessarily pay bucks to garner organic search traffic. Just a bunch of quick ethical strategies may help you bring things into right place.

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