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5 Reasons Why Facebook Is a Must For Your Marketing Campaigns

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The success of your online business depends upon how you implement your digital marketing strategy in sync with your target audience. Digital marketing combines several organic and paid marketing strategies together to bring about the results marketers seek. However, this is important to note that one channel should be utilized at a time for maximum results.

Facebook is one such marketing channel that can surpass other channels in term of audience reach and exposure. Being the number one social network, it lets you advertise your product and services among the masses using several of its features and utilities.

Are you planning to launch your first Facebook marketing campaign but clueless about where to start from? Our Facebook marketing plans are crafted for accomplishing your exact business needs.

If Facebook promotion and advertising, precisely, Facebook marketing isn’t yet a part of your core marketing strategy, here are 8 reasons why you should do it now.

To Tap Custom-targeted Audience:

Like any other advertising campaign, Facebook advertising too is built around the custom audience. The custom audience is the people who are genuinely interested in your offerings. To tap your specific audience, say- custom audience, Facebook has brought a Custom Audience Tool that enables marketers to design and launch ad campaigns, upload lists of contacts such as emails, UIDs, and phone numbers so you can target them with certain ads. Here is the complete guide of Facebook advertising.

The idea of sending a communication to the target audience brings great results for every business regardless of the capital and size.

For example: A company ‘XYZ’ that sells software tools for managing email marketing campaigns would consider reaching out vendors who deal in email marketing services. These companies fit in XYZ’s custom audience portfolio. Take another example of a store ‘PWA’ that recently launched a women cosmetic range. While designing the Facebook campaign, PWA will target the audience who is women, comes under a certain age and might have bought any such product in the recent past.

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To Get More Visibility In Lower Cost:

Whether you already have a website or planning to float one, your audience decides its fate. More your website exposes to the outer world, more the visibility it gains. That is why you need to explore Facebook, the most populated social networks ever. With around 2 billion active monthly users, Facebook may be the best place / platform to promote your online business.

If compared to other platforms like Google, LinkedIn and YouTube, promotion via Facebook is relatively cheaper. Though, you will not exhaust entire promotional budget on Facebook, paying a bit more to tap the Facebook’s huge audience base wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

To Unleash The Potential of Facebook Videos:

Videos are undeniably the best tool for engagement and sharing. Facebook introduced Facebook Live last year for the users. Ever since its launch, the tool has taken the internet by storm. The feature allows individual and brands record to live videos and share them with friends / communities and groups. The feature can be beneficial in following ways:

  • For providing a behind-the-scenes experience to customers
  • Showing reviews / previews of new products or updates
  • Launching promotional events
  • Launching QA series and more

Different surveys have already established that time spent by people on watching live videos is 3x more than the time spent on reading native content. Therefore, it’s an earnest need to include videos in Facebook marketing campaigns.

Taking Advantage Of Chatbots:

Lately, Facebook’s most popular messenger app also turned into a tool for seamless business communication and engagement. It finally busted the trivia of being a chatting app only. Business are now using FB messenger to communicate with their customers.

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A while back, Shopping cart juggernaut Shopify said that businesses using this platform will be allowed to sell products directly on Facebook messenger. This will eventually accelerate user engagement on the platform. With increasing numbers of consumer-brand interaction on FB, the use of chatbots will automatically be increased. Like other businesses that are already in sync with messenger Chatbots, you can also create structured messages including images, links, and call to action buttons for making communication effective and prompt. Now, brands will also be able to design bots as per their needs so that conversation with customers can be smooth.

More Features To Be Utilized:

The story of the Facebook saga goes even further. The social network is working hard to make the platform easily accessible for businesses. As the number of Facebook users growing rapidly, you can now showcase your content to more people online.

Last year, Facebook launched several striking features that are very helpful in expanding business reach and engaging customers. Some of them are:

  • Facebook Live Video
  • Facebook Professional Services
  • Facebook at Work
  • Improved Search
  • Uber/Lyft integration
  • Facebook Shopping Tab
  • Instant Articles
  • Facebook Events
  • Non-profit crowd funding
  • Music Stores

With our Facebook fan page marketing, we help brands create, setup and promote impressive Facebook brand page among targeted audience for maximum exposure.

The fact remains that Facebook is here to stay. A platform that once was meant to let friends and families connect together has now turned into a full –fledged platform for brand-consumer interaction. The crux of the story is simple-Facebook can help build your business for the future.

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