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5 Ingredients Your Digital Marketing Campaign Can’t Rise Without

Tarun Gupta | Nov 23rd, 2016 | Digital Marketing
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Over the years, online businesses have invested a considerable amount of budget and time to remain competitive in an increasingly digital economy. They leveraged a number of digital platforms for business promotion and became brilliantly successful in conveying the right message to the right consumer. As digital marketing is becoming more proactive with new and evolving techniques, marketers have to be alert enough to adjust as per the changing trends.

5 Sure Shot Methods To Enrich Digital Marketing Campaigns:

Here are five technological advances that can help online marketers strengthen their promotional strategies amid evolving digital landscape.

1. Data Mining / Tracking:

Launching a campaign according to the user buying patterns and behavior is now a norm. Promotional or marketing campaigns are not about randomly throwing offers, but engaging people who could be genuinely interested in your offers. This can be achieved with specific data mining strategies tailored for every business and industry.

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Thankfully, there are abundance of tracking tools available at present that help online marketers improve the scope and accuracy of information. These tools are helping businesses to track users, irrespective of the devices they are using. These tracking tools enable them segment data around various parameters and find the refined data set that can be used to directly improve the effectiveness of running ad campaigns.

2. Mobile, Mobile and Mobile:

You can't accelerate your digital efforts if you're missing the mobile mileage. From an inevitable mode of communication, Smartphones have lately become the largest source of internet traffic too. Researches reveal that mobile searches account for over 54% of all searches made online. The need of the hour is not only to have a mobile website but leverage powerful promotional tools available on the platform.

Mobiles, especially smartphones are now equipped with high-end sensors and pre-loaded apps that deliver real time information about target audience, carrier name, device type and operating system. This genuine traffic source helps marketers elevate their campaign with improved audience outreach and greater conversion rates.

3. Social Media Ad Platforms:

As major social networks have introduced their own ad platforms, marketers found an innovative way to offer a more all-inclusive web experience. Like Google AdWords campaigns, the ad campaigns running via social media help marketers tap their potential customer base who is searching for information on similar products through the Content Display Network.

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At times when advertisements influence buying decisions, these social media advertisement will be a game changer for online businesses. The accuracy and preciseness in audience targeting in social ad campaigns will decide the outreach, and hence, the business growth.

4. Audience Retargeting:

Audience retargeting, aka remarketing is a new digital marketing buzzword now. The practice is quite common among the e-retailers where consumers are the primary entity. This helps them a lot when all they need is to reconnect their customers who abandoned the cart for any damn reason. With Google ad retargeting, these marketers can design custom ads to retarget those abandoned buyers. Further, by integrating Google Analytics, they can have better insight into the customer behavior and can replan their customer engagement strategies.

Every online business should adopt ad retargeting now in order to create advertisements that specifically target the exact needs of the consumers.

5. Media Rich Experience:

Beyond quality content and optimized text, a digital marketing campaign must offer amazing visual experience. Brands that use videos to convey their message to their consumers are most likely able to get new customers. Conveying messages in rich media formats viz. videos and inforgraphics gives marketers more control over the message. Messages with embedded videos and high quality infographics has a much higher click through rate than contextual text ads or banners.

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