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4 Things Your Digital Marketing Can’t Succeed Without

Tarun Gupta | Mar 8th, 2016 | Digital Marketing Resources

If you are set to float your startup or already have one, you should shortlist popular digital marketing strategies to grow your business. Most of these strategies are aligned to escalate your business, sales and revenue. Amidst the emergence of so many activities, you need to be sure about what to include and what not at first place.

Must Have Digital Marketing Components For Startup

Keep in mind that every digital marketing channel communicates your business messages to your audience in different way and at a point of time you would be compelled to choose one as per requirements. However, when you have just begun with your startup, here are 5 things that I would suggest you to adopt to get faster, powerful and reliable results.

Being on Social Media Is a Must

When I am addressing social media being an important strategy in 2016, I m seeing it a necessity rather a choice. If you want to engage more of your customers and expand your business reach exponentially, social media marketing is something you can't simply miss. I have following statistics to prove my point: (Courtesy: Social Media Today)

  • 65% of American adults are now active on social networks
  • Young adults between 18 to 29 are the most likely to use social media
  • There has been a 69-point surge reported among those ages 30-49
  • Number of users falling under age 65 and older are tripled since 2010
  • Internet users have average of 5.54 social media accounts

In addition to all this, Google has also integrated social media data into its search algorithm. You must have noticed social media brand pages are being found in Google search quite frequently. So, create as many social media profiles for your brand and keep in touch with your potential audience.

Incorporating Images and Videos

It's evident that audience is now more inclined to see images, videos and infographics than other types of content. Since, visuals are easy to memorize, they help audience having better understanding of information served. If you want to convey your message to your customers effectively, keep using images, making videos, visual presentations and infographics. Statistics show that content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without relevant images. Data also reveals that visual content is shared 40 times more than other types of content.

  • Facebook posts with images see 2.3X more engagement
  • Tweets with images earned up to 18% more clicks
  • Shoppers who view video are more likely to complete purchase than non-viewers
  • An email subject line with word 'video' receives more open rates.

Responsive Website And Mobile Marketing A Must

At a time, when a mobile phone is ringing almost in every hand, having a responsive website is something mandatory for a well-organized digital marketing campaign. A responsive website makes sure that users have consistent experience on desktops, tablets and mobile devices. Having a responsive website for representing a business is now an urgent decision to take, rather queuing it for later. In 2015, Google launched Mobilegeddon in April last year to prioritize sites that had been optimized for mobile devices. Since users spent a big chunk of their their time using mobile apps like Facebook, Twitter, and other apps, you can't ignore the might of mobile in your digital framework.

Go For Paid Advertisement

Preparing content and for audience isn't all, but seeing the content exposed to the right people into the news feed is a must. Relying on just organic reach isn't the only remedy to adopt as social networks have constantly been encouraging paid advertisements like Pay-per-Click for better content engagement. Spare some budget for plying paid ads. It's very powerful method to reach your specific targeted demographic such as group, gender location and other parameters. If you haven't yet allocated ad budget to set your digital marketing initiatives on fire, do it now.

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Julie Granville Says:

I think Videos can be more useful, but only if they are very high quality and get shared by genuine influencers. Some SEO firms will tell you that a video with lots of views, likes or favorites will rank highly.

Adam Dulin Says:

Use Mobile Apps to reach your crowd. A quick look at the TV and you will see exactly how many companies are promoting their apps rather than their core businesses. Best way to reach your customers..

Syal NI Says:

Should have clear campaign goals, Without clear objectives and an approach to measure them, it can be hard to build a well thoroughly considered digital marketing strategy.

Arpita Sinha Says:

You can not be success without using Google Analytic, Analytics are essential to know what is occurring on your website, where your site needs help and where the opportunities lay. Analytics can also help you identify poor performing pages through searching for pages that have a high bounce rate or high exit rates.

Saurabh Panday Says:

Giving gainful offer to a focused on gathering of people by a brand valuation company with precarious words are sufficient to pull in clients for the product.

steffy_berlin Says:

Not only these four, still more like Google Analytics, Webmaster tools, SEO that gives a peak mount level success strategy behind this Digital Markeitng strategies.