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3 Top Rated Ideas To Drive High PPC Conversion Rate

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Like me, every second paid marketer loves to see higher ppc conversion rates for their ppc campaigns. However, we may have different opinions on the strategies that bring the results. There are marketers who prefer employing small, incremental adjustments, whereas some others bat for bigger tweaks to transform campaigns completely.

3 Surefire PPC Conversion Ideas

After helping over 500 clients in fixing their PPC campaigns, I arrived at a conclusion that PPC and email marketing have one thing in common – You could bring the audience to click your ad or open your mail. The bigger challenge for your campaign is how to compel them follow through to sign up for your offer or buy what you’re selling.

If you are one who is planning to make changes in an existing PPC campaign, these three pointers will help you increase ppc conversion rates and maximize ROI.

Choose Call Only Campaigns, Avoid Standalone Landing Pages:

I'm not sure if you'll agree or not, but I find landing pages the biggest bottleneck in your conversion funnel. Buyers are impatient species. They hate navigating so much for buying the product of their choice. It's noteworthy that your prospects will more likely abandon the process if they find themselves in a never ending buying loop. Therefore, a good idea is to stick to Call Only campaigns and drop the landing pages altogether.

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Call-Only campaigns enable users to connect to the business as soon they spot the right product they're looking for. This brings about more immediate experience for the consumer, and also boosts ppc conversion rates significantly.

Mobile-Friendly Landing Pages Are Must:

In spite of the fact that landing pages hurt the conversion prospects, go for mobile-friendly landing pages, if inevitable. As the people are increasingly searching and buying through mobile phones, a mobile unfriendly landing page could hit the campaign to nowhere.

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Having said that, I would also add that merely having a mobile-friendly landing page won't serve every purpose. You need to acknowledge user behaviour on mobile devices. While designing landing pages for mobile, you must think about how people interact with web pages there.

Keep The Offers Rolling:

Never think that your offers will last forever, as it requires frequent changes as per the buyers demand. No offer is irresistible for long. Sometimes, a smaller change makes the biggest impact on your ppc conversion rates. This technique can be particularly effective if you’ve fallen into something of a rut when it comes to your offer.

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While making an offer to prospects, consider whether your offer is truly valuable to them. Low conversion rates of your campaigns doesn't indicate a problem with your landing page components or call-to-action buttons, but suggests shortcomings with the offer. It may be the case your offer may not be as compelling as you anticipated.

Radical changes may add new life into existing campaigns and compel prospects to re-think their buying decision. I'll recommend you to test out a few different offer ideas to see what works well with your audience.

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Angela Sem Says:

To get hight ppc conversion rate ads should be attractive, take advantage of keyword placement in your display URL to get high CTR. Also Put a Special Offer in Your Headline will help you to get high CTR.