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Need A 2D Animation Expert? Call BrainPulse Now

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In the domain of digital world and multimedia, where every thing is going to be more robust and fascinating, 2D Animations is widely used to create an illusion of movement. At BrainPulse, we use 2D animation to simulate actions and movements that presents the user a realistic experience.

Professional 2D Experts on Work:

To accomplish amazing range of 2D animation solutions, we put on work an extremely talented pool of animation professionals who deliver world class products and services. They are efficient enough to bring to you professional quality 2D animation for websites, CD ROM and other media.

A Strategy That Defines The Goal :

Our entire 2D animation team is multi talented in various 2D animation techniques. Thus they find it really easy to create semi-classical animation, semi-limited animation, limited animation and cut-out animation for the global customers. This strategy includes:

  • Development of a concrete work plan
  • Story boarding, character and background designing
  • Collection of information and resources
  • Colored Background
  • Proper creation of key-frames, dyed background, clean ups and animation
  • Compilation of animation, voice-over and music along with special effects
  • Review and creation of master copy of animation post the incorporation of the needed correction

Using advanced software and animation tools, BrainPulse designs and develops custom Animation as per client’s demands and specifications. To know more, call us now.

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