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Tarun Gupta
Avail Our Core AJAX Web Development Services Now

Tarun Gupta July 5th, 2012 Latest News no comments.

AJAX has now become a familiar name in the web development services spectrum . This widely accepted technology enables developers to implement dynamic, asynchronous behavior on Web pages without the need for browser page refreshes. Ajax isn't an individual technology but a perfect combination of more than one technologies in a box. At BrainPulse, we sustain a upper hand in developing numerous advance e-business solution using this revolutionary technology.


With more and more projects coming to our way, we have felt the need to expand our family. BrainPulse is all set to hire a few more professionals in order to cater to its clients' expectations. We do not want to overload our employees with excessive, non-manageable work load and pressure and hence, have decided to expand our certain teams to make it easily for the employees to work and perform. After all, our motto is to deliver outstanding results rather than just results.


The Internet marketing division of the company is seriously planning to introduce a few more advanced and result-oriented services in the section of Traffic Generation and Conversion. The experts feel that the industry has created new sophisticated tools and techniques that assure guaranteed results when it comes to targeted traffic. However, these services will be added only after the experts will have checked their potential and overall impact.


While going through our web designing services leads, we have often noticed that people who do not have any experience in this domain or are getting their first ever website designed, remain very perplexed. Not only they struggle hard to understand the technicalities of the services but also remain bewildered because of limited knowledge. To solve this complexity to an extent, BrainPulse launches special offer of FREE consultation for its fresh-in-the-industry clients.


Tarun Gupta
Get Your Daily Dose of SEO & Internet Marketing

Tarun Gupta March 7th, 2012 Latest News no comments.

Learn something new everyday! Read our articles and get a daily dose of SEO and Internet Marketing. Having been in the industry for over a decade now, the company has created an impressively extensive repository of useful articles covering each and every aspect of Search engine optimization and Internet marketing.


As the colorful festival of Holi is approaching, BrainPulse is looking to presenting its valuable clients some wonderful offers. The company has decided to come up with rebates and special discounts on some its highest selling plans in the domain of Internet Marketing, SEO services and Web Hosting. These Holi special offers will be released by the company in order to celebrate the festival of Holi and long lasting relationships with its valuable clients.


BrainPulse understands the gravity of business success and its core dependency on professional commitments inside the premises.To salute the dedication and commitment of those BrainPulse's family members who love challenges, Management decides to launch a monthly incentive plan. It's our stronger belief that incentive is not a term defined with Cash Rewards, Mementos and Holiday Trips but a commendable way to say employees that they have accomplished more than expected.


Tarun Gupta
BrainPulse Launches Google+ Marketing Services

Tarun Gupta March 2nd, 2012 Latest News no comments.

BrainPulse presents another testimony of its expertise in the domain of Social Media Marketing. The company has launched Google Plus Marketing Services to help users create, build and strengthen their business presence on this powerful marketing tool. The in-house team of highly learned smm experts has devised the services with the sole objective of assisting you to use Google Plus to promote and market your business.