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Dedicated E-Mail ServersBrainPulse offers an extensive range of dedicated bulk mailing servers to clients to enable them send bulk emails to accomplish their email marketing campaigns. With our bulk mailing SMTP servers, you get exceptional value for your money. If you are wondering to have bulk mailing solution to ensure large volumes of email delivery, our Dedicated Email Servers are the best. Using our Dedicated Email Servers, you can amazingly boost inbox mail deliver-ability and achieve in-depth insight of your email marketing campaigns via analytics in India.

bulk mailing servers

What you Get, when you order a SMTP Relay Server?

All the SMTP Relay servers we offer are available in affordable prices and are on credit basis. When you order for our SMTP service this is what you get.

  • Dedicated clean IP address, which is not listed in any RBL.
  • A control panel through which you can manage your contact lists.
  • Create your EDM's Mailers (Text / HTML).
  • Schedule your campaign when you like via a scheduler.
  • See detailed reports of the campaign as it progresses. (Open rate, Click rate etc.)
  • Subscription management for the contact list
  • Email Validation Tool to reduce hard bounces.
  • Spam Score check tool to evaluate mailers probability to land in inbox.

Please note: When we hand over the account to you we do an initial domain setup (spf, domain key etc.) for your campaign and ensure inbox deliveries. We also have a best practices white paper to help you optimize your campaigns for high inbox delivery.

Excellent Deliverability:

Our SMTP Relay servers process and technologies enable us to monitor and optimize your email marketing campaigns. We make sure that your email marketing campaigns are getting delivered to the persons you want to.

  • Monitoring and Domain Routing
  • Delivery Optimization Tool
  • SMTP Distribution
  • Return Path Certification / Sender Score

Not only we provide you the best of the breed dedicated bulk mailing servers to effectively deal with your email marketing campaigns but also a robust and uninterrupted 24X7 technical support system to resolve your queries and requirements.


We have a number of premier and highly affordable dedicated bulk mailing servers plans on offer. All you have to fill-in a simple query form and one of our solution experts will get back to you to explain which of these plans suits you better.

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