CRM Solutions - Client Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an industry related term used for methodologies, software and Internet capabilities that help a company to manage its customers relationships in an organized manner. BrainPulse provides full range of CRM solutions to enable businesses acquiring all essential tools require to achieve a higher level of customer relationship. It helps to improve their sales and revenue prospects even further.

Our CRM solutions plan, automate, and align multiple business processes such as sales & marketing, customer service and technical support together. Our solutions are offered on demand or through software services depending on the client's needs. We offer our CRM application development services after delving deep into the customer's needs and their behavior in order to develop a strong relationship. After all, CRM is more about business philosophy than a technical solution.

Features of our CRM Solutions :

Every CRM solution that has been developed by our professional CRM developers, empowers online businesses at a greater extent. Our clients can stay assured of receiving a full-fledged and complete solution that will enhance their business process management and save both time and money. Following are the key advantages of that our CRM Solutions offer :

  • Highly Scalable
  • Equipped with matchless GUI
  • Effortlessly easy to use
  • Easy to integrate
  • Powerful and productive
  • Highly secure
  • Compatible

Our CRM Solutions Expertise :

Using their professional training and excellent skills, our experienced CRM application developers help you to conceptualize and develop a customized CRM solutions for your business. Our developers have already delivered a variety of CRM solutions ranging from the very basic solutions to highly critical CRM application. These solutions can be easily integrated in your website and telephonic system. The following is the range of CRM Solutions we offer:

  • Full-fledged CRM Application Development
  • Complete CRM Implementation
  • CRM solution integration
  • Data Migration
  • CRM technical support and maintenance

CRM Solutions Consulting :

CRM consultants read and understand your company in depth and ensure ideal business process enhancements, correct change management, and best use of CRM solution system. The CRM consultancy services are rendered with the objective of providing professional help to CRM software buyers who find it difficult to evaluate and compare customer relationship management solutions. Our experts explain you the requirements of your business process and suggest what fits best for your company. Mentioned below are their added responsibilities.

  • Analyze your business's requirements to help you pick the ideal CRM
  • Customize your CRM solutions as per your needs.
  • Ensure all modules for productivity and accurate reporting
  • Implement the CRM solution in small duration
  • Provide technical support your CRM software

Get Customized CRM Solutions Now :

BrainPulse brings to you the ease of having customized CRM application development solutions on almost all leading CRM platforms such as vTiger, SugarCRM, Zoho and many others. The highly productive and customized CRM applications work wonder for your business's overall growth. The solutions act as a catalyst in the field of customer service and help in adding more customers as well as maintaining satisfying relationship with the existing ones. In order to deliver customized CRM solution, our dedicated web developers conduct sincere analysis of your business strategy and its critical requirements.

Benefits Of Our CRM Solutions :

  • It helps to develop better communication channels.
  • Accumulates vital data like customer details and order histories.
  • Produces detailed profiles based on customer preferences.
  • Recognizes new selling opportunities.
  • Provides instant access to customers histories.

Popular CRM Solutions We Offer :

The open-source model has indeed paved the simplest route into the CRM market for small and medium size companies. Following are the two most competent CRM open source solutions that allow scope for superb functionality and highly efficient module development. Developers at BrainPulse expertise in these CRM Open Source solutions.

Still have queries? Call us now on 0120-6790400 to get in touch with our CRM Development team. They will tell you about our exclusive CRM development plans made specially for the businesses like you.