AJAX Development Services

Our team of developers help to create outstanding web applications using AJAX,Java script and XML. AJAX is a web development technique used to create interactive web applications that are more friendly and have a lower response time for the users. Ajax goes a big hit among the developers since the data is exchanged behind the scene using API's using Java script and XML. It helps to avoid reloading of the page every time the user makes an action.

Ajax Development

Ajax Overview

How AJAX Works?

AJAX is a framework which is used to allow a website to interact with a server without reloading the page by pressing the refresh button on the browser. The data can be extracted from the server (Apache Web Server / IIS) while the page is still loaded, and can be displayed on the web page. As a resuls, AJAX based website are faster and more responsive. The objective of AJAX based application software is to create Rich Internet Application (RIA) easily. In an RIA, the processing is done at client-side so it allowes creating dynamic, interactive web sites that behave more like a desktop application than a traditional web application.

Why AJAX Is So Useful For Web Development ?

  • Increases Web Usability of an application to a great extent
  • Reduces the response time for better user experience
  • Ability to provide more desktop like user interface
  • Utilizes JavaScript and XML which is universally independent of platforms

Why You Should Consider Us ?

Our team of Ajax professionals has hand-on experience in the most popular Ajax frameworks like BackBase, IceSoft and other Ajax softwares. They have already developed and deployed highly useful Ajax based web applications built using PHP Mysql, ASP.net and Mssql Server technologies.

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