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BrainPulse Includes An Extensive Web Hosting Glossary Section In The Website

Tarun Gupta September 9th, 2011 Press Release no comments.



BrainPulse’s web hosting services and support has always been an integral part of its service delivery module. The company has been adding mandatory hosting resources in the website from time to time. A comprehensive web hosting glossary section is the latest addition that we have incorporated within the website. The section includes some very mandatory hosting terms with short and long definitions and elaborative illustrations of the same.

Hosting Terminologies Explained!

The glossary contains key terminologies prevailed in web hosting service domain. This extends considerable help to the clients to understand the key terms of the hosting before buying the service. To make the illustrations easy to search, terms are quoted in strict alphabetical order. Administrators of the websites believe that glossary will provide visitors and clients a deeper insight on web hosting related terms and subject matter.

The best comprehensive web hosting resource

The inclusion not only accommodates popular terms like HTTP, TCP and IP but also highly technical definitions of critical key terms like Access Logs, Domain Parking, ColdFusion, MyPHPAdmin, Website Statistics etc. Moderators of the glossary section confirm that they will keep on extending the glossary with more vital hosting terms to ensure that even in coming times, it serves as the best comprehensive web hosting resource as ever.

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