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BrainPulse embarks on Mobile Phone Website SEO Services

Tarun Gupta November 13th, 2007 Press Release no comments.



BrainPulse, the SEO major has embarked on Mobile Phone Website SEO Services. The said service will encompass all important functionalities that relate to end to end optimization of high yielding websites in mobile phones and other handheld devices. The Mobile Phone Website SEO Services, as expressed by senior optimizers of the firm is driven by a vision and reason as well. “The Number of mobile internet users is going to be almost double by 2010 and the mobile web revolution is all set to come. Such a promising backdrop denotes a lot of responsibilities for search engine optimizers, who can optimize websites for potential browsers and put the same ahead of competitors,” says Mr. Tarun Gupta, Brain behind BrainPulse. The mentioned service of BrainPulse is expected to fetch incredible profit for clients as it includes all up-to-the-minute techniques which are needed for sound optimization of websites on mobile phones. Adequate attention will be given to making the content according to the context and placing the layout according to the screen size. Apart from the above, the Mobile Phone Website SEO Services of BrainPulse will host the following:
  • Website analysis
  • Mobile website design
  • Mobile website development
  • Mobile search engine optimization
  • Accessibility
  • Keyword research
  • Multilingual mobile site optimization
The services will be dedicated to optimizing for adequate keywords and short phrases, using keyword rich anchor text for internal links, submission of mobile sites to mobile search engines to name a few. Featured with several important traits, the mentioned service of BrainPulse is likely to excel the job of Mobile Phone Website SEO Services

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