Bulk Email Marketing Services

Our Email Marketing Services India are backed by world class infrastructure which enables high deliver-ability for bulk email campaigns to the target audience. At Brainpulse we believe that Bulk mailing is a very strong medium for digital marketing and we have designed our services to take care of every aspect of mail broadcasting.

Spectrum of Email Marketing Services

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    Email Marketing plans
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    Email Data Mining
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    Data Validation
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    Mailer Designing

Bulk Email Marketing Plans

Browse through our Email marketing plans and see which plan suits your marketing objectives. Our services are completely managed and We help you jump through all the hurdles that you may face in optimizing the mailing platform.

Email Data Mining

In order to run a successful Email campaign your list of addresses is one of the main pillars that decides the success of your campaign. Data mining is a service where we help you mine a list that helps you get to your target audience, so that you reach out with your campaign to the right audience. We use various tools and data mining techniques to achieve the objective.

Email Validation Services

We know that data gets old and you need to scrub it so that you are sure that your list does not have a high bounce rate. Our Email validation services help you do just that. We scrub your email addresses list and get you validated data, so yo can be assured that you sending mails to valid mail boxes.

Mailer Design

Ensuring that you mailer says what you have in mind is what we call Communication design service. We help you design you E-mailers to create communications that tell you story just the way you want them to be said. To top it up, we ensure that your mailers are compatible with all browsers and ESP's and mobile devices.

Features of Our Email Marketing Services:

Being a leading digital marketing firm, we value your business aspirations. We handle each campaign with care to ensure maximum delivery and cent percent user response.

Industry Leading Deliver-ability
Always updated with latest technology, excellent practices, and ISP relations experts, our systems guarantee competent deliver-ability of our servers for all our precious users.
List Management
Manage you contact lists with advance segmentation features that enable you to dig through your email lists and help you target your segments efficiently.
Subscription Management
Assuring complete CAN Spam Compliance, a personalized URL for updating users' preferences and an automatic unsubscribe link is attached at the bottom of each mail.
Message Scheduling
Schedule your campaign at a convenient time and date of delivery and get delivery reports/notification, immediately on your message gets delivery into your subscriber’s inbox.
Campaign Tracking
Avail real-time email tracking and reporting with each bulk email marketing India campaigns within minutes, after sending your campaign. To properly evaluate the number of delivered emails, bounced addresses and their reasons.
Open And Click-through Tracking
Obtain a detailed and automatically updated response summary when a person clicks on the links or opens your messages. Further information on individual clicks or total versus sole opens is also available.
Bounce Handling
Know the reasons behind why the mails are bounced and get the details of whose email addressed bounced in order to determine if you permanently need to delete them from your list or make another attempt to communicate with the intended recipient.

To learn more about Bulk Email marketing Services and understand how it can help you generate ROI, get in touch with us today.

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