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The Method to Move From one Web Host to Another

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Web hosting services play a significant role in businesses that earn their returns through their online presence. Hence, having powerful and efficient hosting environment is extremely important for businesses of these times.

Inappropriate technical assistance, poor customer care, interrupted services and many other reasons can be responsible for your decision of changing your web hosting services. Almost, every online business owner has to migrate from one vendor to another due to certain problems. This is an easy process that happens very frequently, but one should ensure to take up serious steps to make a smooth migration with zero downtime and no business email lost. Hence, in order to make a wise selection and an easy yet flawless web hosting services migration, one should follow the 5-step guide.

Steps to Change a Web Hosting

A genuine web host:
This is indeed the most important step of the entire series because all other steps depend on this choice. In accordance with your web hosting services requirements and budget, one should choose the set of services. Things important for considerations are features, rates, services and genuineness. Negligence to this step may cause new migration after you change to a new host.
Do the Test:
Before signing up for the new web hosting services, take a test drive. Upload all site files to the new hosting, and make a fresh database to import the data from your old site. Once your site is set up, test it through the IP address provided to you from your new vendor. The testing will introduce you to the changes or modification required to your old scripts so that they can run well in the new server environment. It is advised to check each page, every link and image present on your website to ensure everything works fine.
Run your Email Account:
Take up all the already running Email account in your old server, and re-generate each in your new web hosting. Users may also go for the “catch-all” feature as that will help them retrieve all emails sent to a non-existing email account. However, it must be kept in mind that fresh email addresses can ruin only after the domain is transferred completely. This is a long process and unfortunately cannot be accomplished prior to transfer.

After all these vital steps, all you have to do is configure the DNS server of your domain so that it leads to the new hosting arrangement. The step is extremely simple and takes very less time. The correct DNS server for your hosting will be given to your by your web host and you just have to change it through your control panel and change its DNS server. Post all this activity, ensure to shut down your old web hosting services and close your account. However, it is advisable to maintain your old account for 4 or 5 days to get all the emails and other data.

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