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What happens when you suddenly realize that your website has been hacked and its data is on the verge of compromise. You may have spotted website hacking before as well and adopted measures to prevent it in future. It's always a weired experience to see an unknown admin controlling your site. If this is something constantly goes on, your website seems vulnerable to backdoor exploits.


Resellers constitute the largest chunk in the industry. Reseller hosting is a sort of service where a person purchases hosting resources such as disk space and bandwidth etc. in bulk and allocates space and bandwidth to host websites on behalf of third party vendors.


Despite the several benefits of HTTPS migration, numerous website owners haven't done this yet done. They may have their doubts about that should be addressed properly. Google itself states several reasons why its beneficial to switch to HTTPS.


Notably, our shared hosting plans are available both for Linux and Windows operating systems. Each plan that we offer include a website builder, access to open source applications, site backup, and many more inbuilt features.


Tarun Gupta
Ways To Secure WordPress Website From Hacking

Tarun Gupta February 12th, 2016 Web Hosting 3 comments.


Hackers out there leave no stone unturned to compromise your website's crucial data and deface the information stored in, if you fail to keep it secure. You can't simply leave every thing on your web hosting provider.

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As page speed is a crucial metric in Google's ranking algorithm, it can impact website's search engine rankings as well. Though, the data available to support this notion delivers varied results, webmasters still believe that page load speed may be a very minor ranking factor.


Sumant Singh
HTTP/2, Technology That Webmasters Should Consider Now

Sumant Singh November 30th, 2015 Web Hosting 2 comments.


HTTP/2, a huge update to the HTTP/ 1.1, is introduced by the Internet Engineering Task Force. HTTP was drafted in 1999 and until now received so many updates to it. This latest update is the most advanced one than its predecessors in terms of efficiency, security and speed.


having your own data center or colocation space should always be your first preference, investment crunch may force you to think otherwise. You may rent someone else's data center for locating your servers but not without proper planning, as you're housing your core infrastructure with someone else.