having your own data center or colocation space should always be your first preference, investment crunch may force you to think otherwise. You may rent someone else's data center for locating your servers but not without proper planning, as you're housing your core infrastructure with someone else.


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A Quick Web Hosting Guide For New Buyers

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Web Hosting Guide

Buying a hosting plan isn't an easy task indeed. It requires sound research and a good amount of self-intelligence. Don't trust on false promotional tactics. Comparing plans and taking would always be the most fruitful way of getting a right host.


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How To Manage Web Hosting Downtime ?

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Regular data backups and server monitoring are two significant pointers that help you to refrain from any sort of data loss during an unfortunate outage. It's important to be quick and cautious in your decisions to minimize the loss.


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Unleash The New Features of Joomla Hosting

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If you are planning to launch a new website or upgrading an existing one, Joomla hosting is the platform you can opt for. With a basket of add-ons, templates and utilities, it delivers everything necessary to run a website successfully.


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How To Choose The Right WordPress Hosting ?

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Right WordPress Hosting

Subscribing WordPress hosting is a task that requires utmost thinking about your business needs. Before clinching the deal, prepare a questionnaire and ask your provider all these questions mentioned above.


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An Exclusive Guide To SSL Certificates

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SSL Certificates

SSL Certificate helps websites to improve user confidence and ensure information security. These certificates are quite important for the websites dealing in online shopping domain. An SSL certificate installed on the website affirms its authenticity.


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Choose A Web Hosting Company Wisely

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Web Hosting Faq

It is very necessary to keep looking on a number of important factors before subscribing a web hosting service or plan. Only a cautious purchase can ensure uninterrupted service and excellent web hosting customer support.