WordPress Websites Safe

There are cases reported when WordPress websites have been hacked and compromised. Hackers out there leave no chance untapped to intrude websites with vulnerabilities. So, the question is - how to keep your website WordPress safe from hacking? Here are the tips.


What A Winning E-commerce Website Includes?

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While designing an e-commerce website, make sure that it creates a smooth bridge between the buyers and the services offered. All the website components and attributes must be fixed after comprehensive analysis and assessment.


Why HTML5 So Revolutionary

Tarun Gupta October 23rd, 2013 Web Development 1 comment.

HTML5 Development

For web designers and mobile apps developers, HTML5 is an addition in the technology. The technology accommodates almost every striking feature of HTML and a few new utility tags quite beneficial in website designing and development.


Features Of An Online Job Portal

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Job Portal Solutions

A job portal must deliver a great interface for the job seekers to let them access best job opportunities and search process at one place. Irrespective of the technologies used, the portal must have ample space for job seekers for job search.


How To Plan An E-Commerce Website

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E-Commerce Website

An E-commerce plays a significant role when you want to expand your business online. However, it is quite important to keep in mind all important aspects of an e-commerce website and mind the ways in which it is being integrated.


How To Secure Your WordPress Site

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Secure Your WordPress Site

Being one of the most recommended open source CMS solutions, WordPress is prone to the vulnerabilities and security threats. For a web development company, it is very important to involve every precaution to ensure that WordPress website is fully secured and threat-proof.

Travel Portal Development

An ideal travel portal development takes notice of all important modules that are vital to the service. To ensure an efficient solution you can either depend upon you in-house web development team or can hire dedicated web developers for the purpose.


Modules and Features Of An HRMS

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HR Management Solutions

An ideal HRMS is the backbone for a growing organization and a big help for the HR departments. Using a number of innovative modules, it offers a number of business advantages to the organizations to beneficently manage their in house processes.


Web-Based CRM Solutions

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An ideal CRM solution accommodates every component in an order to ensure better tracking and management of functions across an organizations. To get the best results out of its implementation, it is very important to hire a professional or a company with experience in CRM Application development.