A number of important features have been included to let developers and users streamline every little detail that go into creating content. Following is the latest additions made to WordPress version 4.5. The latest version is designed with major enhancements that will certainly help you improve and optimize the content creation process.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Ever since it was rolled out, questions were constantly raised about its relevance and benefits. Even the concept is now live in full swing, you may have few questions remain to get answered. To put the idea of AMP in right perspective, I have decided to write down a quick note on the topic. Hope it will help you.

wordpress websites

If you're ready to float your online website / blog, here is how you can get started. I am considering you a newbie to everything, say domain, web hosting and of course, WordPress. After reading the article, you would be able to successfully launch your website.

WordPress Websites Safe

There are cases reported when WordPress websites have been hacked and compromised. Hackers out there leave no chance untapped to intrude websites with vulnerabilities. So, the question is - how to keep your website WordPress safe from hacking? Here are the tips.