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Google Top 10 Ranking – your passport to successful online business

Tarun Gupta August 21st, 2007 Search Engine Optimization no comments.



Top 10 ranking on Google paves the way for a successful online business. " Rank well on Google" and half the battle is won.

Google is one of the most sought after search engines and for any business to do well on the Internet it is mandatory that it ranks well at least on Google. Like they always say that the best things in life don't come easy, so does ranking on Google.

Google captures almost 43% of the search volumes of the world why Yahoo at around 28% followed by MSN at 12% while the rest shared by the other search engines like ask, AOL and others. With these statistics in place it is evident how important Google is to any online business.

while Google being the most important search engine, it is the most difficult to capture as well as to sustain. SEO companies worldwide are busy targeting Google for themselves as well as for their clients. Google has gained a brand image bringing up relevant search results which has added to its pie of Internet surfers.

Complexities in Google search engine ranking

Spam detection techniques of Google are advanced and do not allow blackhat SEO techniques base website to gain relevancy in its search index. These black hat SEO techniques can range from Link spamming, keywords stuffing, Doorway pages etc. Even though Google is not the oldest but it has probably the most advanced ranking algorithms to rank Web pages.

So to make your way through Google, you are looking at an SEO company that masters of the art of ranking high on who Google, The google Way. Achieve top 10 ranking on Google through our top 10 ranking solutions.

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