The company has launched this a year back to let marketers have complete insights into what impact their YouTube ads. Google is also expanding its existing metrics to measures lift in consideration, favorability and purchase intent of the user.


Tarun Gupta
Numerous Click Fraud Methods In PPC

Tarun Gupta July 3rd, 2012 Pay Per Click no comments.


Being one of the most innovative ways to avail business benefits, PPC campaigns do a lot. The major setback with the campaigns is that it may be frequently hampered by the click frauds.


Govind Singh
Compelling Reasons to Get Started with a PPC Campaigns

Govind Singh November 6th, 2010 Pay Per Click no comments.


Pay per Click (PPC) advertising is among the leaders coming from the house of best techniques of online promotion. Almost, every major business, wondering to raise higher its website's conversion rate, opts to use this form of advertising and gains increased traffic.